About the Author


Analynn Sardella was born in Lockport, New York. She's the youngest of eight, and is a twin. After moving to Arizona in 1989, she married and raised two boys, Joseph and Zachary. While raising children, she put herself through college. Analynn has written nine children's books. Each book is filled with vital messages of positivity, integrity, gratitude and belief. She believes these are necessary tools when going through primary and secondary education. 

Author's inspirational tip: don't allow individuals in your life to fill you with doubt, negativity and lies. We are all born with a special gift. In order to shine, you have to figure out what your gift is. Believe in yourself no matter what others say or think.

About the Book


The Story

Change your Stinkin' Thinkin' is a book about friendship, being joyful and thankful for the little things in life. Marley helps her friend Charlie discover the reasons why it's important to be positive and cheerful everyday.


A Few Takeaways

1. Positivity creates joy.

2.  Joy creates peace.

3. Peace creates humbleness.

4. Humility creates generosity.

5. Generosity creates happiness.

6. Happiness creates a beautiful smile.

7. A beautiful smile creates a positive attitude.

About the IllUstrator


I'm Daniela Torres, and I'm currently fourteen years old and a freshman in high school. My passion for short stories and art began when I was four, and I always wanted to change or add on to the endings of many of the books I read. I would write and draw on whatever I got my hands on - loose papers, notepads, and eventually, entire binders full of paper. 

Not long after, I discovered the wonders of Microsoft Word and Paint, and since then I've been doing my art and stories digitally (with better drawing software, of course). I soon learned that what I loved to do could be a career, and I began to genuinely work to improve my art and writing. 

With support and help from my loving family, I've received numerous opportunities for improvement, such as getting a tour of DreamWorks Animation Studios, taking a course in 3D animation at UCLA, and, of course, being able to illustrate this book, which perfectly conveys a message about positivity and gratitude that every child needs to hear. A huge thank you to Analynn Sardella for giving me the opportunity to bring your characters to life!